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Билингвы и книги на иностранных языках, есть в наличии в букинистическом интернет-магазине «КнигоПорт» 

Haunted : A Novel of Stories

300,00 ₴

Haunted is a novel made up of stories: twenty-three of the most horrifying, hilarious, mind-blowing, stomach-churning tales you\'ll ever encounter. They are told by the people who have all answered an ad headlined \'Artists Retreat: Abandon your life for three months\'. They are led to believe that here they will leave behind all the distractions of \'real life\' that are keeping them from creating the masterpiece that is in them. 

Saved by Cake

300,00 ₴

Learn to bake with Britain\'s favourite women\'s fiction author Marian Keyes, in her startlingly honest cook-book Saved by Cake

Saved by Cake gives an extremely honest account of Marian Keyes\' recent battle with depression, and how baking has helped her. A complete novice in the kitchen, Marian decided to bake a cake for a friend and that was it - she realized that baking was what she needed to do in order to get her through each day. And so she baked, and she wrote her recipes down, and little by little the depression started to lift, along with her sponges...

Traditional recipes of Cyprus

300,00 ₴

The island of Cyprus presents a premium cuisine of top quality products and a unique variety of traditional recipes. Common, even if forgotten by some, recipes from all over Cyprus, a lot of alternative suggestions and a plethora of ideas to suit every taste. Follow the long passed paths of tradition and cooking.

Tsubo: Vital Points for Oriental Therapy

300,00 ₴

A boon to the health-conscious individual, this practical volume introduces the completely natural Oriental healing system of Tsubo: vital points along the body where the energy flow of the organs tends to stagnate. 
With simple text and clear diagrams the author shows how to locate Tsubo, and how to apply acupuncture, massage, shiatsu, and other popular therapies for astonishing relief of such common ailments as fatigue, insomnia, muscular aches, back pain, asthma, nausea, and more... and for skin and beauty enhancement. 

Noakowski S. Rysunki I akwarele. Ноаковский С. Рисунки и акварели ( на польском языке )

300,00 ₴

Альбом посвящен творчеству талантливого польского художника-графика, академика архитектуры Станислава Ноаковского (1867-1928). Более тридцати лет он провел в России, а последние десять лет жизни преподавал в Политехническом институте в Варшаве. Блестящий мастер, наделенный удивительной фантазией, он оставил виртуозные рисунки карандашом, акварелью, тушью и мелом. 

Книга на польском языке

The Art Forger: A Novel

200,00 ₴

Almost twenty-five years after the infamous art heist at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum―still the largest unsolved art theft in history―one of the stolen Degas paintings is delivered to the Boston studio of a young artist. Claire Roth has entered into a Faustian bargain with a powerful gallery owner by agreeing to forge the Degas in exchange for a one-woman show in his renowned gallery. 

The Truth About Trump

200,00 ₴

In the summer of 2015, as he vaulted to the lead among the many GOP candidates for president, Donald Trump was the only one dogged by questions about his true intentions. This most famous American businessman had played the role of provocateur so often that pundits, reporters, and voters struggled to believe that he was a serious contender. 

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

200,00 ₴

From the moment she entered the world, Francie needed to be made of stern stuff, for the often harsh life of Williamsburg demanded fortitude, precocity, and strength of spirit. Often scorned by neighbors for her family\'s erratic and eccentric behavior--such as her father Johnny\'s taste for alcohol and Aunt Sissy\'s habit of marrying serially without the formality of divorce--no one, least of all Francie, could say that the Nolans\' life lacked drama.

State of Wonder

200,00 ₴

 Ann Patchett returns with a provocative and assured novel of morality and miracles, science and sacrifice set in the Amazon rainforest. Infusing the narrative with the same ingenuity and emotional urgency that pervaded her acclaimed previous novels Bel Canto , Taft , Run , The Magician\'s Assistant , and The Patron Saint of Liars , Patchett delivers an enthrallingly innovative tale of aspiration, exploration, and attachment in State of Wonder -a gripping adventure story and a profound look at the difficult choices we make in the name of discovery and love. 

The Other Boleyn Girl

150,00 ₴

Philippa Gregory is a rich, compelling novel of love, sex, ambition, and intrigue surrounding the Tudor court of Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, and the infamous Boleyn family. When Mary Boleyn comes to court as an innocent girl of fourteen, she catches the eye of the handsome and charming Henry VIII. Dazzled by the king, Mary falls in love with both her golden prince and her growing role as unofficial queen.

Dead Cold

150,00 ₴

Winter in Three Pines, and the sleepy village is carpeted in snow. It\'s a time of peace and goodwill - until a scream pierces the biting air. A spectator at the annual Boxing Day curling match has been fatally electrocuted. Despite the large crowd, there are no witnesses and - apparently - no clues. 

Chief Inspector Armand Gamache discovers a history of secrets and enemies in the dead woman\'s past. But he has enemies of his own, and as he is frozen out of decision-making in the Surete du Quebec, he has to decide who he can trust...