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Ukrainian Folk Tales
  • Ukrainian Folk Tales

Ukrainian Folk Tales. Украинские народные сказки на английском языке

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Originally published in 1981 by Kiev-based Dnipro Publishers, this massive collection of Ukrainian folktales features seventy-eight stories, varying in both length and style, from brief animal fables to lengthier legends and folk-epics. Translated by Irina Zheleznova, who seems to have worked for most of the major publishing houses of the former Soviet Union, they make an excellent introduction to the folklore of the Ukraine.

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Contents: Nibbly-Quibbly the Goat / The Magic Mitten / The Little Round Bun / Sister Fox and Brother Wolf / The Little Straw Bull with the Tarred Back / The Cat and the Cock / Sir Cat-o-Puss / The Fox and the Bear / How the Dog Found Himself a Master / The Fox and the Crane / Why the Stork Eats Frogs and the Wolf Hunts Sheep / The Fox and her Children and Nekhailo the Loafer / The Crow and the Snake / Why Geese Bather in Water, Cats Wash on the Top of the Stove, and Chickens Take Dust Baths / The Mice and the Cock / The Lion and the Mosquitoes / The Bear and the Bees / How a Squirrel Helped a Bear / The Ox, the Ram and the Cock / The Wolf Who Wanted To be the Village Head / The Goat and the Ram / Sister Fox / The Wolf and the Kids / Sirko / The Lion Who Drowned in a Well / The Fox and the Crayfish / The Heron, the Fish and the Crayfish / The Fly that Ploughed a Field / The Swan, the Pike and the Crayfish / The Little Fish and the Big Fat Bean / Danilo-Burmilo the Bear / The Bee and the Pigeon / The Lion Who Was Made Tsar / Little Grey Wolf True-Beaten Black and Blue / Telesik-Little Stick / The Frog Princess / The Magic Egg / The Seven Brothers - Sevens Raven and Their Sister / The Brother, the Sister and the Devil-Dragon / Kirilo the Tanner / Illya of Murom and Solovei the Whistler-Robber / Ivan the Bohatyr / The Magic Pumpkins / The Princess's Ring / Pea-Roll Along / The Pipe and the Whip / The Soldier and the Tsar / Ivan the Peasant's Son / How a Hutzul Taught a Princess to Keep House / Oh / Ivan the Dragon Killer / The Fire-Bird and the Wolf / The Shepherd / The Flying Ship / Ivan Not-A-Stitch-On and His Brother / The Youth and the Eagle / Ivanko and Duliana the Wise / Ivanko, Tsar of the Beasts / The Poor Man and His Sons / The Iron Wolf / The Twelve Brothers / The Blacksmith and the Devil / How a Farmwife Outwitted the Devil / The Pipe, the Fiddle and the Dulcimer / The Old Man's Daughter and the Wold Woman's Daughter / The Greedy Old Woman and the Lime Tree / The Foster Father / The Rich Miser / Death and the Soldier / The Tsar's Goats / The Serf and the Devil / Mistress Death and the Cossacks / How a Peasant Got the Better of a Devil / The Clever Maid / The Honest Nephew and the Dishonest Uncle / The Man Who Ransomed an Enemy of the King / Sad Songs and Gay / Ivan the Fool.

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Irina Zheleznova
Yuli Kryha
Dnipro Publishers
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60 000

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